48 Hour Sous-Vide Chuck Roast Recipe

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This produces meat that is absolutely incredible, for a fraction of the price of something like prime rib. You do need a real sous-vide setup though.


  • Chuck Roast in the 4-5 lb range (well-marbled is better)
  • Salt (2-4 tbsp)
  • Freshly ground black papper (1-2 tbsp)


  • Seal the meat in the bag after rubbing with a thick coating of kosher salt and black pepper. (It's easiest to do this once you stick the meat in the bag) Do not skimp on the salt.
  • Cook for 48 hours at 56C
  • Pull out the meat, lightly coat with some oil, and sear on a blazing hot cast iron pan.
  • Slice thin on the bias, serve with horseradish sauce and potato rolls.


  • The liquid in the bag will be far too salty to use, so discard it.
  • You can leave this in the cooker for up to 72 hours to make it even more tender. You do not want to go less than 48 hours though.
  • You can transport the finished meat to another location by simply moving it into a cooler filled with ~56C water, and then sear the meat once you reach your destination.
  • Once the leftover meat goes in the fridge, it will tighten up a bit and you'll lose some of the texture.